Who we are

Island Wings, is based in the picturesque northern-east region countryside at Mon Loisir Sugar Estate, next to Rivière du Rempart.

Its operational facilities are based at Skydive Austral Mauritius , a tandem parachute skydiving company, on the Mon Loisir private airstrip. The owners and operators are Bruno and Gaëtan.



Bruno has a passion for aviation and mechanics and a large microlight flying experience. He has been one of the first one to fly a microlight plane in Mauritius. Bruno has scored more than 2000 hours flying time, including numerous uses of amphibious microlights.



Gaëtan, the other aviation fan, is also one of the founders of Skydive Austral Mauritius and has accomplished his dream of flying a small aircraft over Mauritius, thanks to the microlight aircraft, more than 3 years ago.

Our Fleet

We use two of the world’s most popular microlight models (3 Axles).

Each of our models is equipped with Rotax 912 engines ( the referential engine for ULMs), VHF radio, and aircraft emergency parachutes for additional security.


The Savannah S

The Savannah S, is one of the most sold microlight over the world, with almost 2000 units. It is used frequently for flight training and other flying operations such as aerial photography, owing to its large flight spectrum at low and high speed.


The Skyranger

The Skyranger, is one of the first 3 axle microlight to operate in Mauritius with Bruno. One that has already been a many times, world champion. One of the world’s most popular model, it is frequently used for training.


The Ekolot Junior

The Junior is a Polish aircraft, made out of carbon fiber and vinester resin. It’s a very modern, sleek aircraft, very comfortable for sight seeing.

The Junior only flies out of the Lux Grand Gaube


The X-Air

The X-Air is an amphibian seaplane, we have used this type of plane for the past 10 years and it has proven a success as a seaplane. It is our preferred aircraft for the water, we have done over 2 800 hours of flying in the past 10 years. The X-Air is from Randkar, France.
The X-Air flies out of the Lux Grand Gaube and the airfield.